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Non-Surgical Chin Remodelling  or Enhancement

A weak or retruded chin or a recessive jaw can have a big impact on the overall appearance of your face and can lead to a lack of self-confidence.

You may think that surgery is the only option to achieve a change to a more pronounced chin, but ‘chin fillers’ is a great non-surgical option for a temporary solution and to assess the change any surgical enhancement might make.

A weak chin is usually associated with smaller or shorter chin shapes and can also contribute to the appearance of protrusion of the upper lip and teeth.

It may also be associated with a shorter chin to throat distance which may also result in problems of snoring or sleep apnoea.
A weak, recessive chin or jawline is usually genetic, and you will have been born with it, having inherited it from a parent but, in some cases, it can be influenced by aging or an accident.

Dermal fillers treatments can treat the chin by elongating and lengthening the chin area, thereby adding definition and volume to the face to create a more balanced facial profile.

As part of the aging process, the lower jaw may ‘shrink’ which results in a loss of definition to the jaw line.  As the bone volume decreases, the soft tissue becomes unsupported and the skin can appear loose and saggy.

By restoring volume to the chin area, it not only reconstructs the chin and jaw line, but sagging skin may also appear rejuvenated.
Although a well -defined jaw is often seen as a sign of beauty and youthfulness, a chin filler treatment should be part of a personalised treatment plan tailored to the rest of the features of the patients face.


You will have an initial consultation with Dr Santa Cruz to discuss treatment options and to explain what the treatment involves prior to attending for the treatment.
You will then be assessed and ‘marked up’ for cannula placement if needed.
Dermal filler is then injected into the area and the amount needed is assessed during this process by Dr Santa Cruz.

The overall treatment is very quick and should be pain free.

Results can usually be seen immediately after treatment but there may be a little swelling and bruising, so it is usually better to wait for this to settle to see and fully assess the result.

Pain after treatment is low but there will be some redness and or swelling and you are advised not to partake of strenuous exercise for 24 hours post treatment and to avoid applying make up for this time.

The chin filler lasts between 12-18 months and after this time you will need to return for additional treatment to maintain results.
Alternatively, the improvement obtained may have influenced you to proceed to a more permanent surgical treatment.