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Thread Lift

As we age, we lose protein in the form of collagen and elastin in our skin which leads to looser facial tone and the appearance of fine lines and creases.

We also naturally lose fat in the face and the combination of the two can result in hollowness in the upper cheek region and heaviness above the lower jaw (jowls) and around the chin (marionette lines) giving a tired and aged look.

These age changes   can be treated by a technique sometimes known as the ‘thread lift’ a minimally invasive treatment that lifts the sagging areas of the face without the need for sedation or a hospital stay.

It is performed under local anaesthetic and takes as little as one hour, and you can walk out and return home a short while after the procedure.

Being a Consultant Surgeon, Dr Santa Cruz’ expertise, along with her ‘magic hands’, is particularly suited to carrying out the ‘Silhouette Soft Thread Lift Treatment’.

Under local anaesthetic, a needle is used to insert very fine SILHOUETTE SOFT threads beneath the subcutaneous layer of fat in your face.

The threads, which are dotted with bi-directional cones of collagen, are pulled tight to further lift the sagging skin.

The cones help to make the skin more taught and stimulate the natural production of collagen, which will gradually plump out the skin.

SILHOUETTE SOFT is therefore a thread lift treatment with a double lifting and regenerating collagen effect.

Which parts of the body does it treat?
This procedure is particularly effective for contouring the lower part of your face and neck. It can be used to tighten your jaw line, reduce jowls, reduce wrinkles, plump sunken and sagging cheeks and it has a lifting effect on the neck.

How quickly will I see results?
You will see a lifting action immediately.

The targeted area can be redefined by compressing and lifting the tissue for the desired look. Over the next few weeks and months you will see further improvements in the treated area because the poly-lactic acid will be re-absorbed into the skin which will boost its natural collagen.

Is it safe?
SILHOUETTE SOFT was developed following six years of success in using this material in the use of suspension sutures with cones in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

Poly-lactic acid has also been used for many years in various medical fields such as cardiology and bone fracture treatments.

Does it hurt?
Most patients say this procedure is relatively pain-free.
Certain areas are slightly more uncomfortable than others.
A local anaesthetic is applied beforehand to minimise any discomfort, and this is followed by a 30-60-minute procedure whereby a needle is used to insert the SILHOUETTE SOFT threads.

Will there be any side effects?
After the treatment, a slight swelling or bruising may occur. You may also see a few tiny dots of blood at the entry and exit points for the threads.
Sometimes a slight depression or skin irregularity may appear at the entry points. These usually disappear a few days after treatment.

Should I avoid rubbing my face after the treatment?
Minimal make-up can be gently applied after 24 hours. We also recommend you sleep face-up, elevated on pillows for up to five nights and treat your face carefully (no shaving or rubbing) for five days. We would also recommend you avoid high impact sports, excessive facial movements (no dental treatment), over-exposure to direct sunlight or tanning beds for two weeks.