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Fee Structure

Here at the gentle dentist we understand that everyone’s mouth is unique, so giving an exact cost of treatment prior to the initial consultation is not possible as each patient is considered an individual.

No two situations are identical and therefore treatment plans need to be customised but, as a guideline, fees are based on surgery time needed and the cost of components such as laboratory work and implant pieces.

As a rough guide, fees are as follows:

Initial examination and consultation                                     

This includes all standard intra-oral radiographs, a comprehensive exam, treatment plan and full report, as well as a full estimate for each stage or course of treatment.
Excluded are any specialist scans that may be necessary for complicated implant cases.

Fillings – based on time needed                                               
£320.00 per hour
Single filling usually 30 minutes

Extractions and any other surgery - based on time              
£350.00 per hour 

Please note that we also have the services of a specialist Oral Surgeon and his fees will be quoted separately after consultation and will depend on the difficulty of the case

Sedation fees
Quoted separately but, as a rough guide the are as follows:

  • Sedation with Consultant anaesthetist is £250.00 per hour

Initial hygiene appointment 
For  1 hour £145.00

Routine hygienist maintenance appointment  for 45 min      

Other Charges

  • teeth whitening take home kit                                                          £300.00
  • teeth whitening “in chair” appointment                           from £327.50
  • orthopantomogram radiograph (opg)                                           £60.00
  • crowns                                                                                               from £980.00
  • veneers                                                                                             from £980.00
  • bridges                                                                                              from £900 per tooth
  • implant with same day provisional crown                      from £2145.00
  • Implant with definitive crown (no provisional crown) approx. £2400.00

Full arch or full mouth implants with same day bridges – Prices after consultation