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Sterilisation & infection control

The team are all aware of the need for scrupulous sterilisation and infection control and wherever possible disposable items are used.

However, to ensure sterility the following protocols are adhered to:

  • Gloves are worn at all times and are replaced for each patient.
  • Operator’s hands are washed with Hibiscrub between patients.
  • All work surfaces are wiped with a Glutaraldehyde based disinfectant after each patient.
  • Plastic covers attached to all areas that are touched are changed between patients.
  • Instruments are stored in cassettes and pass through sterilisation procedures in the cassettes.
  • All instruments, including hand-pieces, are cleaned and disinfected using the latest technology and are then sterilised in a vacuum steam autoclave.
  • Autoclaves are regularly inspected by a qualified engineer, and indicator strips are used to ensure that sterilisation has taken place.
  • The few pieces of plastic equipment used are sterilised in Glutaraldehyde for 12 hours.
  • For surgical procedures, work surfaces and patients are covered with sterile drapes, and sterile surgical gowns and gloves are worn.